Welcome to my software blog!

I've been blogging about technology since 2002 in various places, but this is the first time I've decided to go with a programming only blog. So let's jump right in! Lately I've heard everybody and their uncle say that now is the time to write an iphone app, and the media certainly agrees with them. With developers randomly picking up $30,000 for a fart app, it's certainly sounding lucrative in this downtrodden economy. Everywhere jobs are disappearing for software developers. I've had recruiters tell me that my background is exactly what Microsoft usually looks for, but at this point, they're having a hard time finding places for people who have previously worked at Microsoft! So, an iPhone app it is. And that means learning Objective C. As a derivative of Smalltalk, Objective C is not a language that looks intuitively normal to me. But, with a determined heart, I shall go to it!