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Computer Science is Large

Sometimes I forget just how large computer science is as a field. There's thousands of technologies, all competing with one another. It's completely impossible to actually master all of it, especially given the fact that by the time you master one, it will have most likely become obsolete, and three new kings of the field will need your attention.

I don't think this ought to be discouraging - on the contrary, I think this ought to be encouragement to everyone to find the right technologies and languages for them, and always be open to change. At the same time, it serves as a sober reminder that even though others don't know everything you know, *you* might not know everything *they* know. So be open, be kind, and always keep your eyes out for what's really important - shipping a great product.

As for myself, it's been a subtle reminder that I'm in control of my professional destiny, even if I don't always feel like it. If I want to go down a certain path, all I have to do is start walking.

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